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We are your dedicated housing agency, helping you find the perfect home that suits your needs and preferences.

With years of experience in the real estate market, our team is committed to providing exceptional service to our clients. We offer a wide range of properties, including houses, apartments, and land, both for rent and sale.

At House To Home Zambia, our mission is to make the process of finding your dream home a seamless and enjoyable experience. We prioritize customer satisfaction and work tirelessly to match you with the right property that feels like home.

Contact us today and let us assist you in your journey to find the ideal home for you and your family!

About House To Home

Since its inception, The H2H group has established its reputation in various fields of business as a trustworthy, efficient, and dynamic business. The company prides itself on the level of personalized service it offers all its clients. Our primary objective is to provide quality products and services to a wide client base, including individuals, SMEs, medium to large businesses, NGOs, and more. We aspire to be recognized as suppliers of quality goods and services. We believe that Zambia, like the rest of the world, is changing, and with that change, clients will require flexible methods, unconventional modern low-risk solutions, and development assistance, as well as professional services achieved through a unique approach to clients' development problems.

At the H2H group, our motto is simple: ‘We make life easier’.

H2H is solely owned by indigenous Zambians. House to Home Corporation Limited is registered under the Companies Act, CAP388 of the laws of Zambia.

The House to Home Holdings (House to Home Corporation Limited) group, alias H2H, was established in 2008 with the vision to establish a Holding Company with diversified business interests. Initially starting in the real estate industry, the House to Home Group has diversified its interests since its inception to:


Focuses on the Sells and Rentals of both Commercial and Residential properties. Expanded our portfolio to include Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Agricultural, and Mining.

Meet The Team

Team Member 1

Mr. Raphael Bwalya

ZIEA no. 111
+260 979 818 280

Team Member 2

Ruslana Thornicroft

ZIEA no. 884
+260 965 127 888

Team Member 3

James Banda

ZIEA no. 894
+260 966 574 377



1. Act as an intermediary between Landlord and Tenants

2. Look after the property requirements of our clients

3. Rental Collection

4. Maintenance Services

5. Property Development, i.e. renovations, landscaping, etc.

6. Regular Updated Reports


1. To find a willing buyer for our clients who wish to sell their property

2. Finding the right Legal Presentation for Conveyance Services Valuation Surveyors and/or Industry Experts i.e. Construction Firms, Building Material Supply Firms, etc

3. Property Checks from The Ministry of Lands and/or the relevant Local Council

4. We deal with Residential, Agricultural and Commercial Property


1. To find a tenant whom will pay our clients who wish to rent their property

2. Advertising

3. Credit Checks

4. Lease Agreement

5. We deal with Residential, Agricultural and Commercial Properties both short and long leases.


1. Investment Consultancy

2. Locating quality Rental Properties

3. Locating quality Sales Properties for Development

4. Sourcing the best Property requirement needs i.e. insurance policies, security, specialists, etc

5. Business Plan Proposals for Bank Loans for Real Estate Investment and/or Development

6. Property Valuations


1. Consultancy on building projects

2. Consultancy on loan application to either buying property or building flats, town houses or just a house.


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